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Sea Day on the Norwegian Epic! Monday, June 24th

Monday, June 24th – Sea Day

The ship rocked and rolled all night long! Now I’m not what I’d call a seasoned cruiser, but I have never felt motion like that before! It was huge movement! As a matter of fact, Megan woke up during the night to ask if the ship was sinking!  Luckily she was ok with a simple - "NO!"  And she went right back to bed!  None of us ever felt sea sick – but it was hard to even walk! I got up pretty early which was easy since I really didn’t sleep well anyway. Everyone else – you guessed it – still sleeping! Don’t they know they can sleep when they get home?

Speaking of home – it’s starting to set in that we go home on Saturday. This really is sad to me. I know we’ve traveled longer than most people ever get the opportunity to. I know that my kids are anxious to get home to their friends and routines – even though they admit that they’re really enjoying each and every day! But I am loving every single moment and could do this for ever. Now – how does one fund traveling full time? Sigh… My parents, they have told me how much they have appreciated all of the planning that I’ve put into it and they have kicked butt! Even with my dad's bad knee they have been walking like crazy and held up really well!

Anyway – today is a Sea Day – a bit of time to relax a bit and gear up for the last few days we have on our trip. 

I went out on the balcony and it was pretty obvious that today would not be a day to sit out at the pool! It was windy and overcast.

I decided to go up to the spa and see if I could get Keith a spa pass for just the day. I think I may have mentioned that he isn’t particularly crazy about cruises to begin with. If he can’t spend his one day at Sea lying in the sun relaxing, he would be pretty miserable. He feels pretty trapped on a ship. 

I was thrilled to get him the Spa Pass! It was only $39 for the entire day. I thought this was a great deal and if you could see the Spa on the Epic you would too. Do I have one single picture of it? NO! I don't know what happened to me on this day - but I have very few pictures. Anyway, if it’s not the largest spa at sea, it’s one of the largest. There are thermal chairs, hot pools, cold pools, sauna’s, steam rooms. This is exactly what Keith loves.  

So, I went back to the room and woke him up and the two of us went to breakfast at the Garden CafĂ© Buffet. I’ve decided I just really don’t care for buffets much. Just so many people and too much noise and too much of the same food. But we did get a window seat – outside was far too windy still. We sat and watched the huge waves crashing outside.

After breakfast we went up to the spa so Keith could have a quick tour before he went back later. He was pretty impressed. I knew I made a good decision in getting him the day pass! We went back to the room to get the kids up. It was about 10:00 am and Keith went back to the spa.  Here is a stock picture of the spa so you can see just where he spent the entire day!

He liked it so much that I didn’t see him again until I dropped Megan off at the spa at 2:15 for her manicure! He was still there!

The pools weren’t even open on this windy day. The kids and I spent the day just sort of wandering around.

We spent some time in the library. They played a few games – chess, checkers etc. 

I’m glad Megan had her Manicure scheduled – that gave her something to do! Alex went to the teen club for part of the day. Finally late afternoon the rocking started to subside and the sun came out a bit. I went out on deck and read for a bit. Keith finally came out of the spa around 3:00 and we went to Shaker’s Martini Bar for the Martini Tasting!

This was a lot of fun! Maybe a bit too much fun! It was $15 I think, maybe $20/person for four martini’s. We learned the history or the martini and how each was made. We started with the original martini, which I’m NOT a fan of, but for the sake of the class, I suffered through it. Then we had a Cosmopolitan. That was quite good! Then a Chocolate Martini - which was fantastic. It was different from other Chocolate Martini’s I’ve had in the past. There seemed to be more ingredients in this one. And then their Signature Martini – which at this point I couldn’t begin to tell you what was in it!  But it was really, really good!

I won a travel mug for answering some question correctly – again – can’t tell you what that was. Four martini’s and I am a bit fuzzy on the end of the “class”! I do know that about half way into it Megan and my mom came to show me her manicure and Megan told me that I’d already had quite enough “Martini’s Mom!”

After our class, Keith and I sat at the bar and had just one more drink each. I believe that was not the smartest decision…but live and learn. We made our way back to the ship which seemed to be a bit more wobbly again!  And I took a little nap, after the kids made a bit of fun of their mom – the downside of sharing a cabin with your teen and preteen – after a martini tasting! 

At some point the sun did come out and I managed to get some sort of decent sunset pictures!

Tonight we have reservations for the Cirque Dreams Dinner! This is the only show we prebooked prior to boarding the Epic. We booked the Premium Seating. This was a Cirque du Soleil type show.  

We all enjoyed the show quite a lot. We found it to be entertaining and well done. All of the shows so far on the Epic have really been very good. 

We also all enjoyed our food. No complaints from any of us during any part of the meal!

So – Keith left the dinner right after the Main Course – and back to the Spa he went. He wanted to get the most of his day pass. While he still thinks he wouldn’t have gotten the full use of a week long pass with the intensive port days, he really got a full use of the day pass!

After dinner – you guessed – same old routine! Except tonight – I started organizing our things to pack. With this guy supervising the whole time!

Tomorrow is our last day on the Epic. It’s also perhaps the day I had been most looking forward to on the Epic's itinerary! We dock in Naples – we’re going to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast! Although now that we've been to all of the other ports - how could they possibly be beat?? 

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