Sunday, November 3, 2013

Family, Friends and Food!

Backtracking again just a little bit!  I know I just posted, saying that I was going to continue along with our visit to Costa Rica in 2010...and I will!  Promise!  But as I'm getting back into this whole blog thing, I've thought about the title of the blog...Trips, Pics, and Tales...and I forgot all about the "Tales" part!  So before heading back to Costa Rica, I want to share a current Tale!  And going forward, that will be the new format of the blog!  The trip journeys may have some tidbits about travel or some current tales from my life mixed it - just to keep things interesting!  Otherwise I would never get back to the present, if you know what I mean!

This post is all about Family, Friends and of course Food!  When we were in Italy this past summer, enjoying our day in Chianti at the winery, we were enjoying each other's company so much and the amazing food that we came up with the idea to have a similar event at home.  You can read about our winery day here.  We had some Chianti shipped home and started planning!  

My mom grew up in a home where there was always family and friends over and I'm sure her Italian heritage played a big part in the fact that wonderful meals always played a huge role in the togetherness!  I remember as a child spending almost every Sunday afternoon at my grandparent's house!  There would be pasta and family and just a togetherness that seems to be lost in today's world!  We always knew what we'd be doing on a Sunday afternoon!

So last week, my mom, Alex, Megan and I went into Philadelphia to the Italian Market and hit the traditional shops to get the best of the best!  We were going to have our own Italian Day!  

One of our favorites from our trip was Pasta Carbonara and it didn't disappoint when Keith made it here at home!  We recreated our class with Florencetown Tours by making homemade pizzas and homemade gelato as well!  We enjoyed our Chianti, straight from our tour in Italy, and added some Prosecco that we found here at home.  It was fantastic! 

Of course the night was capped off with some Lemoncello!   There really is nothing like family and friends.  Well, maybe the leftovers!

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