Wednesday, November 13, 2013

From Hummingbirds to Frogs!

Another fantastic opportunity that The Peace Lodge offers guests is a night tour of their Frog Habitat.  We had reservations and shortly after our hummingbird feeding experience we were ready to see what the frogs were all about!

We met outside of the Frog Building and our guide was named John.  He was fantastic!  The frog area is divided into a couple of different rooms.  We began in the area with the tanks that held the poison dart frogs.  He took out one of these frogs and held it.  He told us all about these colorful frogs and allowed us to take some pictures.  

After learning quite a bit about the different poison frogs, we moved onto the middle room.  We spent some time here.  Actually a baby green eyed tree frog jumped right onto Alex's neck!  He wasn't too thrilled and had no interest in touching a frog from that point on!  We did get to see some frog eggs on the bottom of leaves in this room.  

And then we moved on to the highlight of the tour.  The third and final frog room.  We saw so many frogs here!  We were allowed to hold the frogs and our guide was amazing at finding them all over the room.  Remember, it's dark - it's night time.  We had flashlights, but it was sort of like a frog scavenger hunt!  John told us about the different species of frogs we were seeing and we never felt as if we were being rushed through our tour.

Now this was pretty exciting!  It's not every day that you get to hold a Green Eyed Tree frog!

Ummm - Mom, I think there's something on my head!  Those frogs really were hopping all over the place!

Between the hummingbirds that afternoon and the frogs that evening, we had a pretty amazing day!  

After our tour we had dinner at Vista Poas, the restaurant at The Peace Lodge.  Everything was good.  My parents went to their room and the four of us wen to our Villa.  It's much cooler here than it was in Arenal.  It will be nice to sleep with the patio doors open here! The mountains are just beautiful.  Another day in paradise!

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