Friday, July 11, 2014

Our last day in Bermuda...

Here we are - Day 6, our 3rd and last day in Bermuda! We decided to stay relatively close to the ship. There was plenty to do, and plenty that we wanted to do close by. We had a lot of time in port, all aboard wasn't until 4:30 so if we wanted to venture away to see more of the island, we definitely had time. 

Today we had scheduled a catamaran sail and snorkel in the morning. A beautiful day for it! I booked this through the ship excursion. I priced it through a couple of other vendors and it was so close in price that it just was easier to do it online before we left. So, 9:30 am was our time and we were ready for the Rising Son Catamaran Swim and Snorkel. Fun! The kids had never been on a catamaran before and they loved it! 

Some views of the marina as we were leaving

We sailed for awhile....the captain talked about Bermuda, his life, life as a catamaran name it. It was a fun ride! I can't tell you how much I love being out on the ocean!

We sailed past some of the larger homes and it actually seemed as though we just sailed in a big circle, maybe we did! They put the sails up, what a great morning!

Then we finally got to our snorkel spot. We were given instructions. They were very safety conscious. Much more so than some of the other snorkel trips I've been on in other islands actually. They said everyone had to have either a snorkel vest or noodle - regardless of how well you could swim, no exceptions. They gave a brief snorkel demonstration. There were also paddle boards for those who wanted to give that a try.

We were pretty close to a shore line, so you could snorkel into some caves, or over to a reef. Actually if you didn't go to the reef or shore line, there wasn't much to see. But it was a really relaxing and great time out there! I think we were out in the water maybe 45 minutes or so? Plenty of time actually. 

My underwater camera battery must have died to the point no longer recharging before this trip, so I don't have any good pictures from the water part of the trip...sorry! I'll have to fix that before our next trip - which, for those interested in upcoming reviews... is the Top Chef sailing on the Celebrity Reflection in November! But's what I do have!

There were two other catamarans out there with us - it never felt crowded. One was around the other side of the cove and the other was closer to us.

Just before it was time to get back on board Alex decided to try the paddle board - he really wished he had tried earlier since he really didn't get enough time to even get his balance! He had less than 5 minutes. But it's definitely something he'd love to try again!

You can see we weren't very far from the ship at all!

After our snorkeling time, we got back on board and there were Rum Swizzles for the adults, and soda or water for the kids, or those who didn't want the Swizzles.  It was a relaxing ride back to the docks.  Pretty much a perfect start to our last day in Bermuda!

Next up....our last afternoon before we start our sail back to New York!

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