Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sailing into the Bermuda Triangle!

After our day at the caves and the aquarium, we went back to the ship and got ready for dinner. We had pre-booked La Cucina, the Italian Restaurant, for tonight. One of the other items that I did pre-book was the Bermuda Triangle Evening Cruise. Usually I'm not big on ship excursions, but since this was a fairly last minute trip, and we were going to be in port in the evenings, it seemed like a pretty cool thing to do! This excursion got very high ratings in the reviews on NCL, so we gave it a shot. 

First our dinner....

I think I already mentioned that every chance we had, we chose the Waterfront seating at the specialty restaurants. We really enjoyed this area of the Breakaway! So, tonight was no exception! 

We had early reservations so that we would make our boat tour, so the restaurant was pretty empty. Our server was very attentive. I don't really remember everything we ordered, but I know Alex got a pizza with steak on it for his appetizer and we all thought it was very good. I think Megan and I had salads which were good. Our pasta dishes were ok. When they first came out and were hot, they were good, however as they cooled off they became a bit dried out. But that being said, we enjoyed our meals, as well as the service and the atmosphere. We certainly didn't leave hungry or disappointed!

And back off the ship we went! Looks huge here doesn't it!

The dockyard area as we were waiting for our group for the boat tour.

We started our boat ride, which was on a glass bottom boat, right about sunset. We went on the top deck of the boat and the captain began the tour by giving us a history of the island and answering any questions that the guests had. Then he talked about the history of the Bermuda Triangle and told about some of the missing planes and ship stories. He was pretty good and kept everyone engaged during the trip out to the reef.

This island here is the tip of the Bermuda end of the Bermuda Triangle, we were about to enter! Ooohhhh.....scary right?? 

Actually, the Bermuda Triangle is the area between that island, Miami and Puerto Rico. I guess at some point I probably might have known that, but I didn't realize it was such a large area!

We then went over a nice area of the reef where they turned on the lights on the bottom of the boat so we could see a lot of the fish and coral. Then the, I guess I'll call her the assistant, told us about all of what we were seeing. She told us about the coral, the fish, the reef and the history of the reef area. We saw a fair amount of activity. Nothing like snorkeling, but it was sort of neat to see the night version!

After the reef we moved over to a ship wreck. This was pretty interesting. We learned all about the ship and got to see it from the view of the glass bottom. And there's a portion sticking out above the water as well. 

On the way back they had Rum Swizzles, or soda for everyone.

All in all, we enjoyed this boat tour and thought it was a great thing to do while in port for an evening! 

Our first day in Bermuda was quite a success! We couldn't wait for day 2! Our original plan was just a beach day, but we ended up adding to that....there was just too much we wanted to do!

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