Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our 2nd day in Bermuda...first the Beach!

Today was our second day in Bermuda and today we had a plan! Originally we planned to go to Horseshoe Beach for the day, but yesterday something else caught our eye! Hartley's Helmet Diving!! This is sort of like we booked this yesterday afternoon, we hoped for morning availability, but only could get afternoon. But we would make do.

So, that being said, it was an early breakfast, off the ship and down to the Dockyard to find the 'Special' bus to Horseshoe Bay. We walked down the hill to the beach and I rented one beach chair for myself. Then it was off to the cliffs. You just can't keep a 14 year old boy away from climbing huge cliffs! This boy had no interest in spending hours at a beach...until he saw it! Then he was in heaven! A beach with cliffs and caves to explore! 

Anyway, this was perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. And we were there early, so it wasn't too crowded. I fell in love right then and there!

Exploring in one of the caves - Megan leaves her mark!

They saw fossils and all kinds of little sea creatures. They loved it!

This is the cove where a lot of people snorkel. Again, Alex went off back into the rock formations and I didn't see him for quite some time...

Megan hanging out in the beautiful water waiting for Alex to explore

He finally came back through the rocks! Just in time for us to catch the bus back to the dockyard for our afternoon excursion!

A view of the beach from the water

All in all I would say we had about 2 1/2 to 3 hours at Horseshoe Bay. We could have definitely spent more time there. But we had to get back for our Helmet Dive, so we turned in my chair, got my deposit back and headed for the bus. We did take the shuttle back up the hill. I think it was $2/person. The bus back to the Dockyard came quickly and I believe we had time for a quick bite on the ship before our excursion. I loved this part of the Bermuda experience. Being able to see Bermuda while on a cruise ship. Just hop back on the ship for meals. I honestly believe it saved us so much money! 

I think we had lunch that day at O'Sheehan's. Just some burgers and chicken fingers and then back out to the dock to meet our Captain for the next part of our day. 

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