Friday, July 18, 2014

Golfing in golf that is!

After our catamaran trip in the morning we still had a few hours before we'd set sail again, so we went back to the ship for lunch and then set out for some shopping and mini golf! When in Bermuda....right? Our original plan was to go to the beach right by the ship, but after spending the morning in the water, we decided to just get changed and skip the beach. 

And yes, if you read my European posts, you know that Alex had an issue with sunglasses! And not always his fault! So, we're on our last day in Bermuda and we're standing by the stairs getting ready to walk down to exit the ship and I'm not kidding the arm thing that goes over your ear - whatever you call it, on glasses just falls right off of his glasses! It was if it just jumped right off! No way right! So if you notice carefully in the next pictures, he's wearing glasses with no earpiece thing on one side! So yes, next stop in for glasses! But first....

For those not aware, right at the dockyard there's a beautiful mini golf course called Fun Golf! The holes are based on some of the most famous golf courses in Scotland, Bermuda and the US. And the setting with the ocean right behind you is amazing! It was perfect for us with just a few hours left before setting sail for NYC. 

Does it get any better than this view?  I really don't think so!

After golf, we checked out some of the shops, had a snow cone and yes, got Alex a new pair of sunglasses. I think it's become a vacation tradition now! And then we went to board the ship one last time before getting ready to set sail...

Just like in England...Bermuda is a British country after all!

The crew were singing as we walked back on board....we got the red carpet treatment for sure! Actually, there really was a red carpet...I just don't have a picture of it!

Some pictures as we start to leave....

We had dinner at Taste....not a huge fan of the main dining areas on the NCL ships so far. I don't think the variety of the food is great and the service has been below average. We had this experience last year when sailing on the Epic and we wanted to give it another try here and we had the same experience again tonight. This really reinforced just how glad we were that we decided to purchase the Ultimate Dining Plan! 

Up next - the 80s party and fireworks! 

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