Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our day in Jamaica continues with River Tubing! 2/10/15

So after our adventures at the Blue Hole, we all piled into the van and drove just a short distance to the next stop, our tubing location. 

Our group were the only people here, and to be honest it seemed a bit odd, a place you'd never find on your own, that's for sure! But as we turned off the main road, another van pulled in behind us, so that was a good sign! The way it worked was that we all got tubes and there was a guide in the front and one in the back. Sort of like if you've ever gone white water rafting. They kept us all from getting stuck in the bushes along the sides of the river. 

There were some little rapids that were a lot of fun to tube across

You can tell how much fun this was by the look on his face!

The guides were singing everything from nursery rhymes to pop songs, all with a reggae twist! It really set the tone of the ride along the river!

Here you see one of the guides helping part of our group who was stuck in the weeds!

I would say the entire ride was maybe 20-30 minutes? It wasn't long, but it was probably long enough!

After we got out there was a little changing room that we got changed into dry clothes. Our original plan was to go to the "famous" Scotchies for jerk food, but we voted and decided to just grab something on the way back to the ship. We stopped at some little fast food place. Note that they don't have US fast food there, we got the typical Jamaican Patties to go. Definitely unique and when you've been climbing and jumping off cliffs and tubing, they were pretty good! Not sure I'd feel the same way about eating that today! 

We arrived back at the port with plenty of time. This was a late departure port, we were in port from 10:30 - 7 I think, and didn't have to be back on board until 6:15. 

Keith and Alex went right back to the ship to get something to eat, Megan and I decided to do a bit of shopping.

If I thought the vendors in Labadee were aggressive, well the ones here were really just as aggressive. In the shops they were pretty relentless. I just want a t-shirt and a magnet....I just really want to browse in peace and buy my souvenirs. It really bugs me that I have to be forced to look a things I don't want or need....

But that being said, my obsession with Alex and Ani bracelets began here in Jamaica! Megan and I each got one at a lovely jeweler, the salesperson was super nice, not pushy and they were priced no more than here in the US! I got a cruise ship and Megan got a starfish!

That is one huge ship isn't it?

This about sums up Megan's feelings about our day in Jamaica!  She loved it!

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