Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Back on board, Day 4 continued! 2/11/15

We made it back onto the ship with plenty of time. Remember Alex and Keith went back before us. Since we didn't really have a true lunch, and we had quite an active day, Megan and I stopped at the Central Park Cafe for a bite to eat.

Megan had a panini of some sort, and I have to think she's holding her arm up to show her new Alex and Ani bracelet! What a kid!

Then we went back to the cabin and watched sail away. 

Then the kids wanted to finally go ice skating! There was open ice time, so off we went!

Remember, you have to have long pants to ice skate! And it speeds things up if you have presigned the waiver!

Skating is not one of Alex's strong skills! But he did eventually let go of the wall!

Tonight for dinner, we were going to Rita's Fiesta! We had 8:30 reservations...

But on the way, a few more ship photographer photos! Oh the family loves me!

You can see the look in Alex's face here - "why am I standing here with my hand on this car taking a picture?"

And then we arrived for the Fiesta! 

Keith and I booked the Fiesta with the alcohol, which is 2 drinks per person, and the kids obviously booked without alcohol. We each had 2 margaritas, which for me was PLENTY! 

The food was fine. Was it great? No, was it good? It was ok. I love Mexican food and it was good enough. There was some variety, it was served family style. We were seated just the 4 of us at our table. And we had a blast! Although, maybe it was the 2 margaritas talking? 

It's time to party!

Ok, maybe he didn't have a blast! But he's not going to get up and dance no matter what!

So, the staff gets the diners up and out on the boardwalk for some traditional line type dancing...

Another super, fantastic day! Jamaica, ice skating, a fiesta! What a great vacation! Tomorrow would be our next sea day...time to take it easy? Hmmmmm....is that possible?

Tonight we had this guy on our bed! Guess he was watching some tv!

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