Monday, May 18, 2015

Sea Day #2 on the Allure, Penguins to Classical Concert in the Park! 2/12/15

So we left off as we finished off our cupcake decorating class.  Totally worth doing!  Tonight was the 2nd formal night and we went back to our cabins to get ready for dinner.  

Here's a picture from the kid's cabin looking out at the Boardwalk - it's one with the "miniature" filter setting used on the camera....kinda a cool effect!

So, after the cupcake decorating class, and before our formal night dinner, there was one very important thing the kids and I just had to do....

That's right, we had to get our pictures taken with these adorable penguins! The timing really couldn't have been better. Megan and I had seen the movie just a couple of weeks before, and darn if now they weren't above the minions on my list of characters that I would stand in line to get a picture taken with! 

They were true to character, I mean, they were the real penguins, right? Giving Alex high 5's and everything!

And no, we weren't the only people there over 7 years old getting our pictures taken!

Of course, I wanted one with just me, I mean I was getting the photo package right? Why not!

And just Megan and her penguin friends!

And Alex, can you just stand how cute they are? The penguins that is!

So these photos with the Dreamworks characters....they are listed in the Cruise Compass. And there are two types of photo ops. There are the photos with the ship photographers, which this was. So, yes you can bring your camera. And the crew will even use your camera if you ask them and it's not too crowded. So we do have photos with my camera. But there are also professional photographers there and they will take your picture if you want to purchase them later. Then there are just meet and greet type photo ops, which are also listed in the Cruise Compass. For those, there isn't a photographer. So bring your camera if you want a picture! As some point I do think all of the characters had a photo op, but you'd really have to schedule your time to make it convenient! And they don't last long. Maybe 20 minutes at a time, so you do have to get there when it's scheduled! 

And then it was time to head to dinner...formal night in the Main Dining Room. It was the often talked about "lobster night". I did get the lobster, and it was ok...a bit overcooked, but nothing to complain about. I honestly have no memory of what everyone else got, but I'm fairly certain Alex got a fish dish. Sometime on this vacation or the last one, he started eating fish....

And one of us had Baked Alaska for dessert!

After dinner Alex wanted to go to the Classical Concert in the Park. This was honestly one of the coolest things to experience on a ship. Picture this are sitting in what feels like a park, let's say "Central Park", at night, under stars, with a String Quartet, or maybe trio, playing Classical Music. It was truly an amazing end to the night. And I love, absolutely LOVE that it was the choice of my 15 year old son to spend the evening doing that....

Yet another pretty fantastic day aboard the Allure wasn't it? Tomorrow would be Cozumel....

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