Friday, May 15, 2015

Sea Day #2 on the Allure, 2/12/15

The time is flying way too fast! It's already day FIVE! Today is a sea day. Relaxing by the pool, hanging out....we do have a bit planned, but nothing like our past two days full of adventure! This is part of just why the kids and I love cruises so much. There are those days of island or port adventures that are so unique, and then you have the sea days to just hang out. And on a ship like the Allure, you can't possibly be bored!

After breakfast, we started out up by the Beach Pool. This was definitely our favorite place to be! We went to the Main Dining Room for breakfast and enjoyed that. By the time we got to the pool, it was fairly crowded and there were only "sitting up" type chairs left.

Eventually there was some space in one of the hot tubs and we all went in and decided to play around with my water camera

A photobomb by Alex going on here!

Definitely a rough life, someone has to live it I suppose!

And then we moved over to the regular pool for some underwater fun!

For some reason this boy did not want a picture with his mother, no matter what! Hmmmm....not too nice of him!

The kids and I went to Johnny Rockets for lunch...

And we brought back a hot dog from the Dog House for Keith.

Today was the Walk For Wishes day. For those not familiar with this, Royal Caribbean partners with the Make A Wish Foundation to raise money for them. This is a foundation that is very near and dear to me. Very coincidentally on the day of the Walk for Wishes, my very dear friend was participating in her son's WISH with the foundation. He was diagnosed with leukemia last year and while he was in remission at the time of the cruise we were on, and had an amazing wish thanks to the foundation, just around Easter he relapsed and has to fight this battle again. It's heartbreaking and touches me quite a bit as her son is Alex's age and she and I have been friends for more than 25 years. So, while I didn't do the walk this cruise, I have done it on past cruises, and this cruise I made my donation and I know that Royal Caribbean and its passengers raise quite a bit of money for this organization that really puts smiles on these kids faces! And that really is a great thing!

After our lunch at Johnny Rockets, which by the way was pretty much as you'd expect a Johnny Rockets lunch...cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings...tasty, filling and too much food! You do pay a cover charge, $5 I believe, but then can order off the menu for what you want, with the exception of the milk shakes, which are an additional charge. They will bring you refills on the onion rings or fries, and I would assume more than one burger if you'd want one. We didn't!

So, after lunch, we had our Cupcake Decorating Class at the Cupcake Cupboard! The kids and I were looking forward to this! We arrived and were all set up at our table. I think there were 6 or maybe 7 people in the class and we had decided to do the "Puppy" cupcake.

Our instructor was very thorough and went through the steps to decorate the cupcake slow enough so that no one fell behind. She was there to help out if needed.

Our finished cupcakes!

Well now, that was a fun way to spend some time! Well worth it in our opinion! We went back to the cabin and got ready for dinner. Tonight was the 2nd formal night!

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