Saturday, May 2, 2015

Finishing up Day 3, Labadee! 2/10/15

Let's try to finish up this day! We're still on day 3, the Labadee day! So we got back on board the ship and tonight we had reservations at Izumi at 7:00. I really couldn't tell you what we did between the time we got back on board and dinner, but I'm pretty sure it involved the Dog House!

Since Keith and Alex didn't really have much of a lunch, remember it was cold by the time they got back from the cancelled wave runners, they wanted something to eat when we got back on board. Alex's go to snack, lunch, in between meal was always a dog - he liked the Sicilian Dog the best. 

Then eventually it was time for dinner. Yes, more food! Hands down, we loved Izumi!  Izumi is the Japanese restaurant aboard the Allure.

We ordered way too much food, we loved everything we got, and we had a blast! The kids each got one of the hot rock meals.  These are meals where they bring out super, super HOT rocks and raw meat or fish and vegetables and you cook your food right there yourself.  Very cool, and very delicious!

We all got some sort of sushi, whether a small bit for an appetizer, or as Keith and I did for a meal

And finally there was dessert

Alex loved this dessert, mochi ice cream, so much that he actually went back another night and asked for a to go serving and brought it back to our cabin and had it again!

Mind you, mochi ice cream is definitely not everyone's taste! I thought it was nasty! 

If I had one negative comment about Izumi, I would have wished the pricing was like the other specialty restaurants. Or that it was more like the Asian restaurant on Norwegian - where it is priced at a lower cost than a typical "land" restaurant that would be similar. We found the food to be great, but the pricing seemed to be pretty close to what we would pay at home for similar food. That is usually not the case at other specialty dining restaurants. Usually since you've already technically paid for your food, you're only paying an upcharge for the specialty dining. Here I felt we were paying really a full meal's cost. However, we'd definitely return!

Tonight was the Love & Marriage Show, kind of like a modern day Newlywed Show. Now this show, Keith did go to! So, Alex had no interest - although I know he would have thought it was funny. Megan, well - she's all about that kind of thing. So, Keith, Megan and I all went to the Love and Marriage show. And it didn't disappoint. It's some silly, fun cruise ship humor. We had some good laughs, and while sometimes I wonder how my 13 year old feels sitting between her parents with some of the more grown up topics, the other part of me is actually really glad that she isn't too embarrassed to sit there with us! It definitely makes me glad that she has that level of comfort with not only me, but both of her parents!

After the show, we walked through the Promenade and called it a night.

One of Megan's absolute favorite spots on the ship! She was thrilled that the barista's here were happy to try to make some of the "secret" recipes for her! Ugh....

And tonight we had this guy waiting for us....

Tomorrow we would be in Jamaica! Would it be as great as our day in Labadee? It would have a lot to live up to!

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