Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bermuda...Crystal & Fantasy Caves!

We decided to get the combo ticket to visit both the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. This is definitely a place you can visit on your own, no "excursion" needed. All visits into the cave are done by guided tour so we had just about 10 minutes to wait until our tour started. We started with Crystal Cave.

I think maybe Alex might just be a bit tired of all the pictures? He's holding our admission tickets....

Our group was called for the Crystal Caves. I can't remember the name of our guide, and it's a shame because he was really great! He was quite a story teller. He had us hanging on his every word. It didn't matter if he was talking about safety or about how the caves were discovered. He was a dynamic man! 

We descended into the caves and he gave us the history and told us about the structures and the water. The caves were quite beautiful. We had plenty of time for pictures. 

After spending about 30 - 45 minutes in the cave, we climbed back up the steps, I believe 88 or maybe it was 85? And then had about a 15 minute wait until our tour of the Fantasy Cave.

After coming our of the Crystal Caves, we had a quick break and waited for the tour of the Fantasy Caves. Unfortunately our guide was different this time. Had we not had such a great guide for the first set, this one would have been fine. However, in comparison, well he was pretty bad. He had no enthusiasm for showing us anything. It seemed as if he basically didn't want to be there, which is a shame. But once we did get into the caves and wandered around a bit, he did manage to loosen up a bit and tell us just what made these caves different from the Crystal Caves. It has to do with the humidity. The ceilings are different. The cave formations are different. Both are unique and we enjoyed visiting each cave.

Now they've gone a bit crazy with the faces!

You can get an idea here of the size of this cave.  

We had a great time at the caves, and were ready to keep on exploring! We knew the Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo was in this general area and would make a good afternoon combination with the caves. Onward!....

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