Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sailing away out of NYC ~ What a view!

Megan and I are big fans of NYC, so sailing out with a view of the city was quite the site for us! We all enjoyed taking in the view from the port side.  The Breakaway has an area on both sides of the ship called The Waterfront.  This is a quarter-mile long, ocean front promenade, lined with shops, restaurants and bars.  We loved this area of the ship!  We ate dinner out there every chance we could and enjoyed the just taking in the ocean views sitting in the big, comfy chairs.  The addition of the Waterfront on this ship, really was great!

We found our spot for the big moment, Sail Away!  And we were ready to start moving!

I probably have at least 30 pictures of the NYC skyline, but I'll limit what I post! For anyone interested in seeing more, just let me know and I'll send you the link to my flikr feed!

Once we passed the Freedom Tower, we moved to the other side of the ship for the view as we passed by the Statue of Liberty.  The Waterfront has the binocular view finder things to use, which I thought was pretty cool!  We used them during the sailing too to view ships in the distance.

It was absolutely gorgeous out, the view was amazing and we loved sailing out of NYC!  But there was still more!  After passing by the Statue of Liberty, we went back to the port side so we could get the best views of passing under the Verrazano Bridge.

Next up, our first evening on board!

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