Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 3 ~ Sea Day #2, A Repeat of Yesterday???

So, today wasn't too much different from yesterday. Another sea day. However, a lesson learned from yesterday that I didn't mention, get those deck chairs earlier! I did say that yesterday we were a bit slow in the morning, going to the Main Dining Room for breakfast and then the ropes course. Well, yes we did finally find 3 chairs together. It took what seemed forever. And then by mid afternoon the music from the pool was just far too loud for me. We weren't even right by the pool either! I'm not one to mind some music or fun, but the chairs must have been in the direct line of the speakers and when you're trying to read, and relax in the sun, and have a conversation or two here or there, after a couple of hours, of just LOUD music - I had to move.

So, I ended up finding 3 chairs on the other side of the deck. Much better! This morning, that would be my plan. The kids slept in a bit, and I went out and got our chairs. I grabbed breakfast at the Uptown Grill and was all set. I pretty much didn't move the rest of the day. 

The kids came and went. Spent some time sitting and reading in the sun, doing the ropes course again, doing the slides, hanging in the pool. Another perfect day. 

Tonight we had reservations at Teppanyaki. 

Working on the origami from the menu

Our meal was good. Our chef was one of the best we've had, land or sea. There were a few minor issues with the actual meal, Megan was supposed to get noodles with her meal, they never came and Alex only got a small portion of filet when the diners with us at the table clearly got a double portion. He only ordered filet, and for example I ordered the filet and shrimp and he received less meat than I did, but the filet was was all he ordered. He should have had double the meat. However the other party at our table was giving our chef a difficult time about some issues and we did't want to contribute to it. Ours were very minor and we enjoyed our meal. We had plenty of food and saw no need to fluster him any more than he was already!

After dinner, as has become the routine, Alex left for the teen club. Megan and I had booked Rock of Ages. We couldn't wait! If I haven't mentioned it, Megan is a 100% theater kid. She loves to perform in shows, and loves to see them as well. And give me 80's hair band music and I'm in heaven! Now, I know the show has quite the bit of adult themes and is quite suggestive. Before making the decision to let my almost 13 year old see it, I did the appropriate research - discussed it with several of my friends who have seen the show, most are also heavily involved in theater, and I decided that at her age, she likely has seen/heard most of what was involved. After having seen the show, I felt fine with it. I'm not sure I would take a child much younger than her though.

Now for the show - we both LOVED it! I know it's a matter of personal taste, but for us, we found it incredibly high energy and we loved the music. Yes, even my 12 year old loved the music! It has a lot of humor in it and we now plan to go see it on Broadway to get comparison in a smaller venue, where I would imagine the crowd is a bit more actively involved in the show. 

Here is a pretty bad picture with my phone, to get an idea of the stage. 

Tomorrow we dock in Bermuda!

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