Saturday, June 21, 2014

We're On Board the Norwegian Breakaway!

Walking on the ship, we were brought right into O’Sheehan’s, and boy did that feel just like the Epic at first! But to be honest, even though there were many similar venues, other than that, the similarities for us ended about there. We walked through and knew we’d be able to drop off our carry on bags in our cabin, which was a standard balcony, all the way at the front of the ship, 13108. Made for lots of exercise for sure! 

We passed through atrium area with the big chandelier and of course, had to take a picture!

Then we made our way to our cabin. On the Epic we had a Family Mini-Suite and as compared to the standard balcony here, this was small. Very small. Even compared to other standard balconies I've sailed on other lines. We’d make do, it was just the three of us.

But honestly, I was really surprised at just how small the cabin felt. And I’m sure you’ve all heard just how small the standard balcony itself is. Well, it’s true. It’s small. But hey – it’s a balcony and you can still sit on it and we did! 

While we were dropping off our carry on bags, we met our Cabin Steward, Richard. He was fantastic. We saw him several times a day and he always greeted the three of us by our first names, and always with a smile. We asked him to split the bed and to set up the drop down bed so we could use the sofa to sit on. My son slept on the bunk, which being almost 15 and not small, he had no problems fitting up there. 

As far as the cabin, other than being small, I thought there was a major lack of storage space. It would have been nice to have at least a drawer or two in the desk area. The little, and I do mean little, cabinets in the room itself were so narrow that you couldn’t fit much in them. And yes, the closet does have a good amount of shelving, but if you do use the bunk bed, the ladder makes it nearly impossible to get into the closet where the hangers are. Odd design. 

Now the bathroom – I thought was very spacious. Plenty of shelving and under the sink had a great amount of space. The shower was a good size as well. 

We decided to go have lunch, we went to the buffet. The selection was typical for a cruise buffet. Everyone found something to eat. The scooped ice cream was a big hit! Then we toured the ship for a bit. 

I spent some time trying to figure out their internet package, but only found out that it currently wasn’t working and kept being told to come back later. I was a bit concerned because I do have to be in contact with my business when I travel, so internet is pretty much a must, and if it wasn’t going to work I was going to have a bit of a problem. They told me they hoped it would work by noon on Monday. Hope so! But the good news was they had just implemented a new payment program where you pay by the MB used instead of minutes. This turned out to be a great cost savings, once their internet was up and running!

So, while I was waiting at the Internet Center, the kids went to the library to wait. The library is pretty big, and decorated with old Rockette's costumes. There is also a game room with various board games that you can play. We played Trivial Pursuit one night. 

Our muster station was at O'Sheehan's and we were checked in with our Sea Pass card. The Muster Drill was quick and thorough. We were done in about 15 minutes. We went out to the Waterfront for the sailaway.

Next up....Sailing out of NYC!

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