Monday, June 30, 2014

From the Bermuda Caves to the Aquarium and Zoo!

We had a great time at the caves, and were ready to keep on exploring! We knew the Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo was in this general area and would make a good afternoon combination with the caves.

Back on the bus we went! We got on and asked the driver if it was the correct bus, this time heading back towards Hamilton. I asked the person next to me to let us know when it was our stop, just in case!

However when we got to the aquarium, the driver announced it and about half the passengers got off with us!

The aquarium would better be described as a zoo, and it's fairly small. But it's a nice way to spend a couple of hours. It's right on the water and the exhibits are well maintained. We had lunch there and enjoyed our stay. Of course, we're big aquarium, zoo, animal loving people!

Our view while having lunch at the cafe at the aquarium

The Discovery Room where you could touch some sea life. From that point on Alex decided he wanted a pet Sea Pudding, also sometimes called a Sea Cucumber. Not much maintenance for a pet I'm assuming 

This guy walked all the way over to us from the other side of his pen, I think he was hoping for some food! He just had the sweetest face! 

There was also a Natural History Building that had exhibits outlining the history of Bermuda. This was quite interesting, although I have no pictures of this area. 

After the aquarium we made our way back to the ship. Tonight we'd be having an early dinner at La Cucina. We were going to be going out later for an evening glass bottom boat ride - into the Bermuda Triangle! OOOOHHHH spooky! 

Alex waiting for the bus...

Next up, dinner and our evening boat cruise!

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