Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Norwegian Breakaway - Day 2, at sea~!

We all had a great night's sleep. I'm one of those people who loves sleeping on a cruise ship! I love being at sea, and to be a bit honest, I wished the ship had just a tiny bit of movement on the way to Bermuda, at least at night! But it was smooth sailing all the way. 

I am always up early and enjoy a bit of time to myself sitting out on the balcony reading, with a cup of coffee. The cabins do have individual coffee makers in them, for those wondering!

And again, for those wondering, this is what the cabin looks like with the bunk bed dropped down. See - it's plenty big to sleep in. And notice the bed is split for Megan and I to have separate beds. But we're pretty darn close to one another, so I hope you're friendly with your cabin mate! But also notice that with the ladder down, and even just with the bed dropped down from the ceiling, just how difficult it is to get to the closet, the side with the hangers! We did it, but it just wasn't the best design! 

After I got the kids up, we decided to go to Taste for breakfast. We wanted to start with a nice calm morning. The food was fine, but the service was so slow. We don't mind a nice paced meal, but this was beyond paced....this was just plain slow. Close to an hour and a half for breakfast! All I kept thinking was that there was no way I was going to get a chair on any deck with sun! 

We finally finished breakfast and my original plan was to go to our CC Meet and Greet, which was starting in about 20 minutes. But the kids wanted to try the ropes court. How could I say no to that! They got their gear on, there was virtually no line and off they went!

Megan is looking quite nervous isn't she?

I think they're planning their strategy here

Alex loved the ropes course!  It was a breeze for him - he practically glided along it!

Megan was nervous at first, but got the hang of it quickly!

And if course - Alex had NO FEAR in doing the plank!

For those of you not familiar with "the plank", it's 18 decks above the sea! It hangs out totally over the ocean and is only about 4 inches wide! Sure, you're attached to the harness, but let me tell you, standing below watching - every time I saw someone go out there my heart skipped a beat! Then MY kid did it - holy cow! Megan wouldn't do it, and I wanted her to, but I also was glad she didn't do it!

The pictures don't quite do the whole thing justice because you can't really see just how high up they are...

So, you go out there, stand on this white square and pull a string, which triggers the ship camera to take your picture. 

The kids continued along and at the end is a zip line. I know I have some pictures of that, but they must be from a different day. So...zip line coming soon!

After the ropes course, the kids went on the slides, and I read...this was pretty much a perfect day in every way!

After our afternoon of relaxing, we got ready for dinner. As I mentioned at the beginning, we had prebooked most of our dinners and we had the Ultimate Dining Plan. Tonight was going to be Moderno. 

Alex had an event at the Teen Club and would be meeting us there. Megan and I arrived a bit early and enjoyed the view of the sunset from the Waterfront. We really loved the concept of the Waterfront on the ship. 

Dinner at Moderno, at an outside table on the Waterfront

After dinner, Alex left again...teen club called. See a pattern here? Yup, this would be his nightly thing and that was fine by me. I was thrilled that he had found something that he enjoyed so much! 

Megan and I went to Howl at the Moon for a bit.  They are a dueling piano group that's a combination of music and a bit of comedy.  They play a few times during the week and they're fantastic! That's always good for some entertainment. 

And so, that ended our first full day at sea. We couldn't have asked for more!

And as I went to bed, I told myself that I would do that rope course, and I would get out there on that plank! How hard was it anyway! I had 2 more sea days to conquer it....would I do it???? 

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